Chi siamo

Yarnway e' un posto in cui si possono trovare colori e fibre uniche, per il lavoro a maglia, per la tessitura e per la filatura.

Vengono utilizzate solo le fibre più  nobili e lussuose, dal cachemire alla seta, il mohair, l' angora, e non solo.

I filati e le fibre vengono tinti con colori scelti con grande cura,  per avere un prodotto unico  con cui lavorare.

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Yarnway arises from the unconditional passion for wool and color: here the yarns and fibers more 'noble are hand-dyed in colors chosen with great care, to convey all the beauty and the pleasure of working with a unique product.

who I am: a chemist fallen in love with wool, color and everything 'that you can' do through them. Dyeing, knitting, spinning, weaving, are part of me. I am flooded with books on each of these topics because I think that only through knowledge and understanding we reach to improve and to give a personal connotation to our work.